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• private collection

Machine pieced. appliqued and quilted.
Centre panels dye painted, commercial
and hand dyed fabric. Diptych.
15 3/4"w X 20"h
12 1/2"w X 12"h
© 2004

I was invited to participate in a mixed media, group show titled “Media is the Medium” at our local art gallery the Gabriola Artworks. Much to my chagrin I realized the inspiration was required to come from the May 8th copy of the Globe and Mail – the day before Mother’s Day. Not an easy one for a daughter who now has only memories. I was inspired by the ads and articles about Mother’s Day.

I sometimes took my Mom for granted and was not always the kind of daughter I now wish I would have been. I know at one point in my life the thought of being like my Mom sent a flash of fear to my young mind. Being now older and wiser, my hope is that I can be more like my Mom. Too bad I cannot tell her.

The tulips are for you Mom! I know how much you loved them.

Dedicated to the memory of
- Almeda Clara Bray -



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