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• private collection
machine pieced, appliqued and quilted with hand beading; commercial and hand dyed cottons; yarn.
13 1/4”w X 14 1/4” h
© May 2003

Dear Hut.

Your family and friends were anxious about you and your health. I decided that I would make a quilt to cheer you up . Knowing that you were inspired by my poppy pods and discovering the quilts of Laura Kemshall, I set about releasing my emotions into your poppy quilt.

Seed pods are the vessels of hope and life for the future...Brenda, I want this to be the essence of my message to you. This is what “Poppies...” is about.

Let’s not forget about the dragonfly. It is on the quilt for good luck. I know they are special to you as one landed on your toe...


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