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machine pieced, appliqued and quilted with hand beading;
commercial and hand dyed cottons
29 1/2”w X 30 1/2”h
© 2003

When designing In the Beginning I wanted to use the traditional idea of quilting blocks, but tweak them. I changed the shapes and usual placement of blocks along with using intense colors. The spiral focal point and entwined chameleon is representative of nature. Nature, through its journey from the beginning to present, having
suffered the indignities of tampering. To further enhance In the Beginning black and white waves punch through the color communicating metamorphosis. The beads are added to make the colors glow.

Exhibition List
Art Quilt’s: Journey’s (2005), Professional Art Quilt’s Alliance South, Cary, NC
Pan Pacific Quilt Show (2004), Special Exhibit - Fibre Art Network, Honolulu, Hawaii


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