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painting the house

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... was our focus for a big part of the last year. Ken and I painted the entire main floor and loft areas. This is no small feat. To paint our living room Ken had to use an extension roller and be perched on a double scaffold. It makes my hands sweat just thinking about it. We sanded and varathaned floors, some woodwork and some furniture. In the midst of it all our fence blew over and Ken had to rebuild it. Ken did lots of work on the yard. We even had the big back-hoe in to make a pasture out in the south yard. We fenced that and now our goose has a special fenced off section and our dog Hector has lots of room to run free. Actually lots of room to get really muddy in.

We made two quick trips to Seattle to keep our sanity and remind us the world does not solely exist on our little Island. It is only about a five hour trip depending which way we go.

Ken did not just work on the house although this consumed a great deal of his energy at certain parts of the year. He continues to pursue his passion for building a radio station here on the Island. That idea is becoming closer to a reality. Plus he is building up clients with his marketing business.


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