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  Here are the three woman in order left to right - me, Kristin and Karen just before the show opening. We are standing in Artworks here on Gabriola Island in front of Kristin's quilt. It was a well attended show, a FAN member even came over from Nanaimo.

On Gabriola Island one of the true tests to know if you are truly an artist is by having a successful show at Artworks. My husband was doing some marketing work for the gallery owner and between the two of them a date was established. I invited two local art quilters, who are also friends, to join me. Since I was working almost full time I knew I could not manage a one woman show.
April and May were a flurry of activity, finishing work, designing invitations and generally advertising the show.
Kathy, the gallery owner, did such a great job of hanging our fabric art pieces. She provided wine and cheese to the crowded gallery of people in attendance.

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