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  This is a group of very old growth Sitka spruce trees in the Carmanah Walbran. There is a boardwalk viewing area located at this junction in the walking path. This is obviously a shot taken, looking up into the three trees.

Our Carmanah Valley trip was a great inspiration to me. The cedar and sitka spruce trees are 800 to well over a 1000 years old. We had to walk into this old growth Valley to the rustic campground below by the river. Bear signs were posted, the pathways were cut and groomed. My husband had helped cut trail back in the late eighties so it was very advanced compared to then. We saw few people and surprisingly few creatures (no bears...too bad!).
I learned to use our digital camera, in fact took many pictures which someday might be translated into fabric and stitch. This was my best shot - the Three Sisters.

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