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On Tour 2009
International Quilt Festival/Chicago Ill.
Long Beach Calif, Houston Tx

I Get Around!

Exhibition list below

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Hand painted with fabric inks, fabric paint and screen printed with fabric dye; hand dyed fabric and some commercial fabric; machine pieced quilted and appliqued
31"w X 46"h

Exhibition List
O, Canada
, International Quilt Festival (2009) / Chicago IL, Long Beach CA, Houston TX
Edging Forward, Fibre Arts Network (2008) / St. John's NL
Beyond The Border, Pacific Group of Fiber Artists (2007), LaConnor Quilt Museum, LaConnor, WA

The Raven, according to First Nation's myth, is the protector of mankind. After eons of keeping that commitment Raven now needs mankind to be the protector of Mother Earth. Living on the west coast of Canada, continual magnificence regarding our natural setting is expected. Contemplating this beauty is critical to us all. Our musings should lead us ultimately to be stewards of nature.



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