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Sea Turtles detail
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Colored with disperse dyes, pastels and fabric paint;
hand appliquéd, machine pieced and quilted
45"w X 47"h

Exhibition List
World Quilt Competition (2008), Manchester, NH
Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza (2008), Philadelphia PA,
Pacific International Quilt Festival (2008), San Francisco CA,
Greater Chicago Quilt Festival (2008), Schaumburg, IL,
National Juried Show (2007), Canadian Quilter's Association, Kamloops, BC

Sea Turtles are an endangered species – including off the coasts of Canada. These extraordinary, placid and ancient creatures deserve our utmost attention and care. This abstracted seascape was created to demonstrate the serene, charm of their under sea world.

Enchantment with the sea and its creatures should compel us to act to preserve our oceans. We must be vigilant and protect the kingdoms of the sea, caretaking all creatures dwelling therein.


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