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Commercial cotton colored with pastels and fabric paint; glass beads; pearl cotton thread;
throwsters silk waste; machine and hand appliquéd; machine pieced and quilted
23”w X 21”h

Exhibition List
Canadian Expressions
, Fibre Arts Network at Quiltfest (2008), Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters, Seattle, WA

Family roots run deep like those holding down the biggest of trees. These roots keep us sturdy and grounded. Most of us dearly want to maintain those roots to help us expand, grow and have that special ambiance of kinship. Often in a country as big as Canada families must live out their lives with many miles in between.

Time takes this physicality of distance and creates another type of distance overshadowing our kinship. Those families who have had to live apart need a helping and nurturing spirit like that of the Raven to intervene. Legend has it that Raven does as he does to ensure the happiness of others. Raven is a life giving, creative force, needed when families forget the importance of each member in keeping that special feeling glowing.

Here is that embodiment of that healing - Raven.


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