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Dreaming Trees...

From the Heart ...

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Hand dyed and commercial cottons, fabric ink, pastels, cotton batting.
7" x 7"
September © 2006

The trees of the Carmanah captured my soul ...
where the spirit of the tree lives strong.
These ancient trees give off an energy all their own.
They bringing beauty, joy and much more to their beholder.

From the Heart
Predominantly hand painted or dyed cotton (scant bits of commercial textiles); fusible web; machine pieced, appliqued and quilted with some hand sewing; buttons; Pearl cotton and Silamide thread; cotton batting. Mounted on black foam core.
12" x 12"
© 2006

This quilt series was directed by my eagerness to innovate and participate. A constant desire to apply new painting techniques along with the annual Fibre Dance Show motivated and inspired these pieces. Building around the love or heart theme continues to influence my smaller works.


Art Quilts | Series | Journal Quilts | Jackets

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