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Nature and spirit dancing together. Inspiration could be described as intellect and emotions thrust together arousing the soul. When these factors are synergistically linked inspiration is felt - spiritually awakening the artist within. Nature holds this ability to inspire Donna Bray-Zakreski - the ever changing palette of transitions in nature from one season to the next, with its complexity of color.

Environmental concerns haunt her - global warming, dwindling fish stalks and bird populations; the depletion of rain forests along with all the plants and creatures. Spirituality and the ethereal intertwine with nature and its concerns to become part of her creative spirit.

Bray-Zakreski’s passion with fibre has returned her to the world of art. Creating art was her solace as a child following her on into university – art education was one of her specialities. Then she left art virtually behind to pursue her teaching career, assisting children with learning differences. Her skill with cloth and thread was with her long before she combined them with art. She has a strong genetic connection to fibre, beginning to sew at an early age under the guidance of her grandmother. Now her artistic pursuits are like a compulsion that is only soothed by creating with textiles. The texture of fabric with its bold palette can be manipulated into expressing thoughts and feelings. The use of dyes, paints, fibers and beads further enhances this communication. She is now leading and inspiring others to find their creative voice.

“Just working with fabric, yarns, beads, dye and thread adjusts my spirit into a more positive and joyous place,” said Bray-Zakreski from her Gabriola Island studio. Her quilts are characterized by elaborate, flowing, machine quilting, often embellished with a medley of beads. Their vibrant colors are complimented with distinctive brightly textured lines. Planned with forethought but completed spontaneously, her quilts reflect nature and spirit dancing together.


Art Quilts | Series | Journal Quilts | Jackets

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